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Questions & Answers on Coach Certification and Training - 1 Jan 2008


The old NCCP system consisted of three distinctive parts, “Theory”, “Technical” & “Practical”. The Lacrosse governing bodies had the responsibility to conduct and control the technical and practical while the provincial sport body had the responsibility to provide the theory training.

Community Initiation is now equivalent to the old “Pre-Level 1” and covers Tyke and below as well as being used as a entry training during the new associations initial two year grace period.

Community Development has replaced the level 1, Competitive Introduction has replaced the level 2 and Competitive Development has replaced the level 3.

Standards required in each discipline can be found on the CLA Form 100’S.

Unlike certain other sports Lacrosse has opted to combine the Technical, Theory and Evaluation into all coaching streams and with the exception of “On-Line Ethics” conducts all training and evaluations.

Q2. What was the logic for going away from the old Level 1, level 2, level 3 etc?   (back to top)

Under the old system a coach was required to attend a technical training session, a theory training session and a practical component. The Technical and theory was a minimum of 12-14 hours each usually over a weekend in each case with a cost to the coach or association of between 50-100 dollars.

Coaches where required to complete level 1 prior to level 2 and then level 3 etc. In some cases a coach went through six (6) weekends at rising costs each progressive step.

Then new system allows coaches to train at the level they are active at. Although some coaches may have to attend a Community training session prior to attending any of the Competitive training session, a “Challenge” system is in place for those who meet the pre-requisite.

Q3. Does my old certification qualify me to meet the standards required under the new system?  (back to top)

Yes, it also allows a coach with any of the old levels of certification to attend any of the new Competitive Coaching training sessions.

Q4. What does the term “CBET” mean?  (back to top)

“CBET” stands for “Competency Based Education Training”. In simply terms it means a coach doesn’t simply pay lip service to the program, he/she must demonstrate through the evaluation procedures that the material is understood and that he/she can perform the tasks associated with the training.

Q5. What CLA Form indicates the minimum standards required for the different levels of play i.e. Pee Wee, Junior “B” etc?   (back to top )

The minimum standard allowed in each division of play in all four disciplines can be found on the following forms; (these forms can be found on the CLA web site)

  • Box Lacrosse CLA Form 100B
  • Men’s Field CLA Form 100M
  • Women’s Field CLA Form 100W
  • Inter-Crosse CLA Form 100R

Q6. What do the three categories “In-Training”, “Trained” & “Certified” mean?  (back to top)

  • “In-Training” indicates that a coach has attended a Training session for any of the coaching streams.
  • “Trained” means you have attended a “In-Training” session and successfully completed the evaluation work book, OR, have successfully challenged any of the streams opened to challenge.
  • “Certified” indicates you have completed all the above as well as successfully completing any additional evaluations put in place by the CLA or CAC.  As of 1 Jan. 2008 this includes 'On-Line Ethics' and 'Support to Athletes in Training' in the Competitive streams. 

Q7. How do I go from “In-Training” to “Trained”?  (back to top)

Successfully complete the Evaluation Work Book.

Q8. Who is required to be NCCP “Certified”?   (back to top )

Only those coaches who practice their craft in the categories outlined on the CLA Form 100 for each discipline, i.e. National Team Coaches, Provincial Coaches or Zone/Area Coaches.

No coaches in the categories covered by “Community Development are required to be “Certified” . (as of 1 Jan.2008)

Q9. How do I go from “Trained” to “Certified”?  (back to top)

At the Competitive Introduction level in all disciplines a coach must successfully complete the CAC “On-Line” Ethics test and successfully complete either a "On-Sight" practice session or provide an electronic Video/DVD of a practice to complete the "support to athletes in training” requirement.

Q10. Is there a minimum time or criteria set down for going from “In-Training” to “Trained” or from “Trained” to “Certified”?  (back to top)

Although the minimum time line is not stated, a coach would be required to complete a season of coaching to complete the work book tasks. The maximum time is prior to the established coach registration date of the govern body under which the coach operates in the year immediately following the training session.

Q11. Who and how do I determine if I should submit a Video/DVD or request a "On-Sight" evaluation for the practice session outlined on the CLA Web site?   (back to top )

It is the coach in question who determines either an "on-sight" evaluation or to submit a video in order to complete this requirement.
The "how" will depend on the coaches ability to have the video/DVD produced by following the guideline outlined on the CLA Web page under coaches/coaches certification/evaluations.

Q12. How do I find the procedures required to complete the 'On-line' and 'support to athletes in training' requirement?    (back to top)

'SUPPORT TO ATHLETES IN TRAINING' - go to the CLA Web (, click on coaches, click on evaluations under the Coaches Certification section and read the guide for coaches and forward a request along with appropriate documents to the CLA office.

Q13. Where can I get the training necessary to go on-line to attempt the "Ethics" test?  (back to top)

The training received by a Faciliator who has been credited through the CLA office and recorded in the NCCP at the Competitive Introduction level provides sufficient training during the Competitive Introduction training sessions to successfully complete the "On-Line" Ethics test.
Also, coaches can get sufficient training through courses designed strictly for Ethics or by attending NCCP Part "A" training sessions.

Q14.How many attempts do I have to successfully pass the on-line ethics test?   (back to top)

Must pass the second attempt, and then be re-trained.

Q15. Is there a fee required attempting the test and if "Yes" is it required for each attempt?   (back to top)

Yes for both questions.

Q16. Where do I send my Evaluation Work Book?   (back to top)

All Work Books associated with training sessions after the 1st of Jan 06 are required to be returned to the MA designated gathering point, then, forwarded to the CLA office in Ottawa.

Q17. What is the feedback I can expect from my Evaluation Work Book?   (back to top)

If the minimum standard established by the CLA Coaching Committee is meet the coach, the MA will be advised that the coach has successfully completed the workbook.
If the minimum standard is not meet the coach, the MA will receive notification as well as a written report of the short comings.
The coach can then review the report, re-establish through a review of the manual where the discrepancies are, re-submit.
If at this time the coach has not corrected the mistakes and meets the minimum standard he/she will be required to re-take the training.
NOTE: Coaches receiving a rejection notice should contact the training facilitator for assistance.

Q18. Once my Work Book is classified "Acceptable", what follow-up action should occur?   (back to top)

The coach and MA will receive confirmation of the successful completion, the work book is returned through the MA to the coach in Question and the evaluator in the CLA office or the designate will submit the necessary paperwork to the NCCP.

Q19. Is there a fee I have to pay when submitting the Work Book?.   (back to top)

No, this procedure is contained in the fee for the coaching packages.

Q20. Is there a requirement for me to be trained at the Community Level before attending the Competitive training sessions?   (back to top)

All coaches must have been certified under the old system, have attended a Community Training Session or meets the pre-requisites for the challenge and successfully completes the challenge.

Q21. What is the NCCP Part "A" and Part "B" and how does that correlate with the Lacrosse coaching program?   (back to top)

Part "A"" and Part "B" are the theory portions of the old theory courses from Level 1 and 2 found to be necessary in the new system.
Unlike other sports Lacrosse has combined this material into our programs and they are contained in the manuals and taught by Lacrosse facilitators.

Q22. Where do I find the prerequisite for Challenging the Community coaching stream?   (back to top)

On the CLA Web page under Coaching.

Q23. Who sets the minimum requirements for coaches?   (back to top)

The CLA Coaching Committee, every MA has a voting Coaching Coordinator who carries the number of coaching votes relevant to the number of disciplines active in the MA.

Q24. Where would I go to receive information on the coaching program?   (back to top)

The coach can go to their MA, the CLA web page under Coaching or by Contacting the Chair of the Coaching committee or the National Resource Person responsible for training, both listed at the following link - click here.

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